Saturday, September 19, 2020

Saturday Psalm

Psalm 3

O Beloved, how numerous are my fears!

     They rise up within me whispering

      there is no help for you in love.

Yet you O my Beloved, radiate around me,

              my glory,

      lifting my head high.

I cry aloud to You,

      and you answer within my heart.

I lie down and sleep;

      I wake up again, for my Beloved

               holds me with strength

               and tenderness. 

      I shall withstand all my fears

               as they arise within me.

Rise up, my love!

Set me free, my Beloved! 

      for with you in my heart

      my fears will be transformed 

              into love.

Freedom from fear comes through Love;

May the Beloved’s blessing reign within

              all hearts!

from Nan C. Merrill; Psalms for Praying, An Invitation to Wholeness

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