Friday, June 8, 2018

Who is My Neighbor; Who is My Samaritan

Regarding the Baker and the Same Sex Couple; or 
        Who is Your Samaritan 
When Jesus said turn the other cheek He was not saying ‘stand there and let someone wail on you’; He was saying ‘you be the one to break the cycle of violence’. When He said ‘give your clock as well’ He was not saying give away all your clothes, He was saying ‘be the one to go beyond the minimum effort required to serve your brother or sister’. When someone asked Him ‘Who is my neighbor’ He said said ‘whomever needs your help-and by the way, your neighbor may be a Samaritan’.
It is quite possibly Jesus will say to the baker “Well done, good and faithful servant”. It is also possible He will say “I sent that couple to you, why did you turn them away?”. It is even possible He will say both. 

Insisting upon our individual rights, our civil liberties, is always the American way. It is not always the Way of Jesus. 

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